About Siri

Siri On the left side is a photograph of Siri. He is a friend of ours and he has an amazing guesthouse in Aluthgama, in the south of the island. The guesthouse has been donated to Siri and his family by a Dutch couple, so that he can earn money to take care of his family.

Siri will gladly provide for you a relaxed stay in his guesthouse. Besides being a pleasant host he is also a certified guide. He can show you the most beautiful places on the island together with interesting stories. He has an excellent air conditioned bus with which he can take you to wherever you want to go.

The members of Siri’s family are his wife Sihara, his daughter Sheena and his son Sahan. Siri lives with his family in a separate house beside the main guesthouse. This means that Siri is close enough to provide any service that you may require but ensures your own privacy.